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=FaRT= Clan donation information
« #1 : April 09, 2012, 07:33:48 PM »
The =FaRT= clan does not require dues or fees from any member or non-member to play with the clan on any of its servers; however, running servers does cost money and donations to help with those expenses are welcomed and appreciated.  The clan has its own paypal account to collect funds and then disburse them as needed.  Click on the 'donate' button below to go to the Paypal controlled collection form, NO PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION IS EVER SHOWN TO THE CLAN.

If you decide to donate, thank you, the clan appreciates the support and will not take your donation lightly.  For non-members, a donation could place your name on the reserved slot list for the servers for some period.  All FaRT members already enjoy that privilege.

Thank you for this consideration,

The FaRT Clan

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