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« #1 : January 15, 2015, 02:29:23 PM »
Anyone going to be getting in on the Early Access of H1Z1? It is another Zombie survival game, from what I hear it looks similar to DayZ (I never played DayZ). However, this one is being designed by a big game studio Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), using the Planetside 2 game engine. Which means that not only can the servers potentially have 1,000s of players on them at the same time, the anti-cheat/hack system they use for Planetside 2 is also one of the best I am told. According to SOE, their anti-cheat is so good that just about all hack makers have stopped trying, because they are caught so quickly it ends up being a big waste of money. Anyways, the servers are not going to start out with 1,000s of players for Early Access, they were saying more around 200ish players for the size of the map they have currently. As the game continues getting developed, the world will keep getting bigger, and more content will always be added, even after the game releases. As the world gets bigger they will increase the number of players per server and even have plans to add air vehicles like planes and choppers.

Anyways, Early Access releases today in about 30 minutes. Its $20 for the basic package, $40 for premium. Premium just gets you extra skin customizations on your clothes/weapons, and some extra tickets which are used to participate in their Battle Royale mod. The Battle Royale is like a tournament where the players pay tickets to enter, last man standing wins, and prizes will be handed out to the winners. I will probably just be getting the basic $20 package so I can play the normal game servers.

If you want to watch videos, I will link their Early Access trailer and Youtube page below which has a ton of other in-game footage and developer comments.

Youtube Page:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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